Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hot Pink

It's fun week at the Neighbourhood House. Not that every week at the Neighbourhood House isn't rather fun. But the week of the Winter Solstice is set aside for a particular focus on FUN. It's usually one of the last weeks of term and we all need a bit of a cheer up. This year each day has its designated colour. Today was pink . . . or should I say, PINK:

Leigh dropped in to welcome my washing machine and share a cuppa and a scone with me this afternoon. She was also wearing a pink shirt, but those stockings are just eye-poppers. I'm a woman who loves vibrant colours, but I don't think I could mix up something as potent as that.

By the way, that is my bamboo floor in the background. I've had so much drama with broken appliances and furniture woes, that I haven't offered as Ta Da! shot of the floor yet. I'm still trying to cope with stuff. Of course I may be still trying to cope with stuff this time next year, but I'm counting on it getting a little better.

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