Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Scraps of Warmth and Colour

I'm teaching my first ever "One Skein Wonders" class tonight. I'm planning on more of a workshop format, with a bit of useful theory. Of course I want there to be lots of fun and inspiration as well. Over the last few days I've prepared a few more samples using small amounts of special yarns.

I'm particularly pleased with this little wrist warmer. The lacing means it can fit a good range of sizes. I think it would even work as an anklet on a small person or a very slim one--that's not me!
I've prepared an outline for the class already. Today all I need to do is pick through my collection for a few more samples. I'll also pick out a few small skeins of my handspun and hand-dyed yarns to use. This is a new venture for me, but one that's close to my heart. If it all goes well, I'll do it again soon.


Vireya said...

Good luck tonight! I hope it goes well.

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks Vireya. I'm just sorting through my boxes and I'm going to either have to do some serious culling or hire a large truck to get me there tonight:)

Dee said...

bring on the small truck :) it's usually better to have a few extra things than not have the one thing that would demonstrate that other idea... of course even wiht the small truck it is still possible to not have that one extra sample. (oh dear murphy is alive and well.)
have a great night! you will shine.

Teresa said...

Hope all goes well at the class.

Congratulations on making first page of Yarn magazine. Looks wonderful.

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks! I haven't seen it yet. I'm just going out to pick up a copy.