Monday, June 1, 2009

Another Bluebird

Those display racks of advertising postcards found in many city cafe's--I do like them! I've found some great inspiration there. I've called today's pic "the bluebird of wistfulness". The artist calls it, "Budgie Boy":

I'm drawn to the mood of this little fellow. There's no smile there, but there is a gentle appeal.

I'm still trying to sort and pack the contents of my house. I've thrown out a fair bit of stuff, but this little card is one I'm going to keep, just because I like it.


Dee said...

:) it is cute and definatly deserves a spot. here's a hint for this kind of cute thing... my kids blue tac all sorts of cute things to our high gloss doors - bedroom, toilet, bathroom ertc. they get to see the things that make them smile and hubby doesn't go nuts about sticky stuff on the walls.

Textile Tragic said...

Yep, I've got three corkboards up in my house already and another one plannned for my bedroom, so no shortage of places to put up cuties like this