Friday, June 5, 2009

Rip it Up Boys!

They came, they ripped, they chipped and they ground. Here's how it looked after a surprisingly short time:

And by lunch-time, it looked like this:

No more disgusting dirty carpet!

The next step was to grind back the concrete so that the adhesive will get a good grip. Result--a rough floor and lots of dust.

Now for the bad news: AFTER they'd ripped everything up, I got a call from the office to let me know that the materials for the flooring won't arrive from Sydney until Tuesday afternoon. So my home is going to be disrupted for a whole week, rather than just a few days. I'm really going to have to hold on to that vision of a beautiful bamboo floor. And I'm really going to have to count on the hospitality of my friends. The house is hardly livable now, though I did manage to find my bed amongst the chaos and curl up for a little nap this afternoon. It's been a big day.

1 comment:

Dee said...

naked floor looks like progress :) ..... bad news? OOOOOHH NO!!! that is compelty unlivable! blessings to yuor lovely friends hospitality. thinking of you over htis next little while and all its disruption.