Monday, June 22, 2009


I did get some weaving done yesterday. In fact I'm on the home stretch with my damask. I just made myself do it before anything else and eventually I got into the rhythm and the picture started growing. I'd like to finish it today. Look out for a photo tomorrow.

Meanwhile I have six pots of dye in a box in the bathroom. Tantalise is the word. The procion dyes have a shelf life of about a week once the powder is dissolved. I mixed them up for the workshop last Sunday, so their usefulness is fast running out. I've been stopping myself from just diving in because the house is already so chaotic. Also I haven't found my stash of white cotton fabric yet. There's a motivator for getting the sewing room sorted! So, I'm hoping that they will last a bit longer in this cold weather.

Here's the results of my two hurried experiments from last weekend
The blue was rolled and then rolled again. the reddish highlights you can see are just reflections from the other fabric.

This one was very roughly fan-folded. It's not a great pic, but there are some distinct yellow halos where the yellow dye has travelled further than the red.

I'll be catching up with the students from the dyeing workshop next weekend. They were so keen that they organised this get-together to see how everyone's projects turned out. There's another motivator for getting my act together a bit more in the next few days. I don't really need any more motivators, just a way of getting a lot more done in very little time!

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