Friday, October 15, 2010

Crochet Structure

One of the things I like about crochet is the way it can be used to build a definite structure. I've been stitching away at another cushion cover, using up the incredible multiplying teal yarn. I made a neat little envelope to enclose the cushion insert, but then I wanted an extra flap to secure the opening. Not a problem: I stitched one row into the front loop only to make a fold line, then kept on as normal. As you can see, this one is nearly finished. I believe I'm actually getting through the balls of yarn as well. I'm not sure if I dare to count how many I have left.

Meanwhile my creative task for this morning is to make a chocolate cake for a not-so-little girl who is 8 today. Her uncle R vowed and declared that my friend L's chocolate cake is the only one worth having. Would you believe I have all the ingredients, except chocolate! Off to the shops, and then I'd better get to work. I'm told this cake takes an hour or so to cook, then it needs to cool before I can add the icing. I wonder whether I can find myself a little more get up and go while I'm out. . . hmmm, did some-one say, "chocolate"?


SewSofie said...

I do love your crochet work. So neat. It looks soft and warm... all the things homemade crochet should be.

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks:) I'm in a bit of a crochet phase at the moment.