Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Time Warp

There's a note on my computer screen warning me that image uploads will be disabled for two hours from 5.00pm PDT Wednesday October 20, due to maintenance. Please excuse my ignorance . . . I can't quite work out when 5.00pm PDT is for me here in Melbourne. I'm guessing it' a US timezone . . . "Pacific Something Time", maybe . . . and I'm guessing there's a website somewhere that will tell me how that translates to Eastern Daylight-saving Time in Australia. But I'd rather get on with my crochet cushion-cover than worry about time zones. Eventually I'll just have a go with an image and see what happens. Either that or eventually the warning will disappear, and I'll know the maintenance window has passed. Meanwhile, I'm here and the yarn is here and it's OK.

I've just done my homework and PDT is 18 hours earlier than my time here, so I could have uploaded an image this morning, oh well, now it's time for bed. I'll try again tomorrow.


Dee said...

slow news day?

Textile Tragic said...

Major pile up on the freeway after a fatal accident--took me more than two hours to do the 1/2 hr trip home from R's place. Sorry for those involved and very tired.