Thursday, October 28, 2010

Floral Frivolity

Remember my spontaneous sparkle shopping? I got to use some of it yesterday. My friend D has a rather stressful, but uninspiring job in a national call centre. The powers that be try to liven things up with a bit of office fun. So to add to her stress, she has the challenge of coming up with a racewear outfit for Melbourne Cup Day at work. I'm planning to spend the day in the garden, so I whipped up this pretty rosette for her: . . . sequinned tulle, gathered into a circle and doubled over on itself; some matching plastic beads and a big pearl button. It's in the mail as I type. I'm hoping it will cheer up her day.


Dee said...

With me wearing that happy floral sparkle, it won't matter what else I wear as it will get me smiling and meet the criteria that I have made some effort to 'frock up'.

Ang Pang said...

The fabric is perfect for that! :)

Textile Tragic said...

Mission accomplished--and it was fun!