Saturday, October 30, 2010

Silky Shopping

My to do list yesterday was extensive and varied. I was in the mood to pick and choose. I'm afraid I may have spent more time checking over the list than actually working on any of the less attractive items. After lunch I glanced down the list one more time. The item that caught my eye--and my heart--was Fabric Store Sale. There's a chore worth investing in! Off I went to North Fitzroy. The traffic was unusually benign. I found a parking spot right away. The Fabric Gods were smiling on me. Once inside the store my major challenge was to keep my head and maintain some degree of focus on my original purposes.
  • The actual sale was for summer knits: all $8 per metre, except a few excluded items. Why is it that my fingers kept picking out fabrics with the "excluded" tag on them? My eyes couldn't tell the difference, but my fingers are too well trained to miss the quality.
  • Then I have a wedding to shop for. My original intention was to pick out some bits and pieces of silks in sea colours to patch together trimmings for a skirt. Instead I came home with these:Purple-blues are almost as good for me as ocean blue-greens and these shades will mix and match with my existing wardrobe. The daisy fabric is sheer in the middle of the flowers. I'm planning to use it for a flounce on my skirt. The plain darker blue--on the far right of the pic--is the main skirt fabric. The third fabric is for a top. I haven't quite decided on the pattern for this yet, so I had to buy a bit extra. This is a remnant store, so there's no going back for more. Oh, and that fabric has just a bit of lycra in it. I'm planning to have fun and be comfortable.

I came home on time and on budget. Now the fabrics will sit for a while and be petted as they deserve. Even though I'm using familiar patterns, I think I'll make up a cotton version of each piece before I go ahead and cut the silk.

This morning I'm catching up with my less attractive chores: the kitchen is nearly clean; I have washing in the machine . . . My next task is to clear my big table--at least enough of it to share lunch with my friend R who is coming over later on. Then the floor could do with some attention. Somehow it's easier to tackle those tasks when I can glance accross at my purchases and smile.

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