Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Loose Ends

My number one goal for today is to finish some birthday gifts so they can go in the mail today. To do so I need to deal with this:Yep--the dreaded loose ends that need to be finished off at the end of every project. As well as the literal loose ends, I have a bit of paperwork to do; phone calls to make; miscellaneous bits and pieces to tidy up. . . It's always the same story: give me a new challenge to get my teeth into and I'm off, but all the follow-up and sorting to get the task complete is so much harder. Oh well, it's got to be done, so I'll go get my darning needle and try to break the task into some manageable sections. Then at least I can give myself a little cheer as I go along.


Knitspingirl said...

Aaargh - the dreaded darning-in of ends! Are you sure you can't just turn the little blighters into a decorative fringe?

Textile Tragic said...

unfortunately not this time--that edge needs to be neatened so I can join it to another piece. I'm consoling myself with the prospect of cutting up the leftovers and mixing them in with some tops to spin:)