Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunny Day

It was a beautiful spring day yesterday, and I savoured the sunshine in the park with the Sunday Spinners. We meet monthly at the Handweavers and Spinners Guild--usually in the hall--but it didn't take much convincing to get the group to move outside. There's a tiny little park just across the lane. Apart from a few minor inconveniences, like having to move our chairs every now and again, and again, and again! to follow the shade; and visits from the local dogs who thought it was their duty to mark our belongings, it was a relaxed and easy day.

I plied off 100g of coloured tops and had the pleasure of handing a skein to my friend M when we met for coffee afterwards. Then I started on some lovely merino fleece which has been in my cupboard for too long. Leaving the bag in the sun for a couple of hours was part of my motivation for moving the group outside. I'm still not sure whether I'll spin it in the grease or wash it first.

This leaf caught my eye as we were packing up. I've included it just because I liked it.

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