Saturday, October 23, 2010

More, Please!

I'm looking forward to a bonus today. It's the regular day for our weaving group to catch up. Normally we share "show and tell" and talk about various aspects of our weaving: plans, hopes, dilemmas . . . I've been feeling a bit awkward about the fact that I haven't done any weaving this year. But still it's good to see everyone and hear what they've been up to. Last time we caught up D--who has done some fantastic weaving this year--expressed her disappointment at missing the Indigo dyeing workshop. There'd been a mix up with dates and she arrived all ready to go, a week too late. I promised to see what I could do. Then I did what I do best, asked question and made connections. Before the day was out, dear R had volunteered to demonstrate Indigo for us today. My reward is that I get to do an extra day of Indigo dyeing, and using a slightly different preparation method.

Here's my collection of fibres:
I've got a few samples of wool because that's where I've had least success so far. Hopefully we can do some problem solving. Then there are some cottons--because I know they'll dye beautifully. I've also put in a cotton chennile yarn, left over from something or other. I'll be keen to see how the surface dye interacts with the uneven surface. And just to add a bit more variety, a few procion dyed skeins. I've read about overdyeing indigo and procion, so maybe it's time to have a go. Now I need gloves and old clothes and I'm off!

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