Monday, October 25, 2010

Rose Frenzy

It seems only yesterday that I weeded the front garden and trimmed back the roses. At that stage they were about to put out new leaves.--all except for the Loraine Lee rose. That one doesn't believe in taking holidays, and flowers all year round. I promised them another weeding and some mulch, but time and the weather have got the better of me. The weeds are growing vigorously again and covering the bare ground where the bark chips should be. But the roses aren't complaining. I've heard people compare roses to cabbages and scorned their exaggeration. Now I'm having second thoughts. This Mr Lincoln rose caught my eye a couple of days ago:
I snapped it this morning and it's just huge!--and gorgeous. It's the biggest rose in the garden, but there are plenty of lovely blooms to keep it company. As for the weeding, I'll receive my punishment by having to pick my way through vigourously growing roses complete with thorns, but my compensation will be a frenzy of beautiful blooms keeping me company and thanking me for my efforts.

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