Saturday, September 4, 2010

Multiplication Problem

I started this blanket a few weeks ago.I was at the beginning of my big clear out and wanted something cosy to sit with in the armchair while contemplating the changes in my life. I also wanted to use up a couple of boxes of yarn I had in the sewing room. Of course I had to buy a few other yarns to mix up the colours and add some variety. Now I can see a problem emerging: the blanket is probably about half done. I'm thinking of it as a generous lap blanket for one person. But I'm nowhere near halfway through my yarns. I don't seem to be making a dent in either the original yarns I planned to use up, nor the extras I bought to vary the mix. I know I've thrown away a few ball bands, so I must have worked through at least a few balls, but I can't see the hole in the pile where they came from. I'm casting my eyes around the living room, looking for things to transform with crochet. There are a couple of large cushions currently covered in a simple cream fabric. They will have to be the first candidates. Then I have friends who might like a spring scarf in some of these colours . . . Meanwhile I'll keep stitching away in my moments of contemplation and see if the pile gets any smaller.


Dee said...

The never ending ball of yarn sounds like the knitter/crocheter equivalent of the never ending packet of timtams. :) not too bad of a problem except for the 'extra kilos'.

SewSofie said...

LOL! I have the same problem with fabric. Ive got stacks of it but never seem to have the piece I need!