Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Hat!

I'm looking forward to a friend's wedding in January--in Queensland, no less! Looking forward in the sense that she's just about family and her wedding is, by definition, a very special event. On the other hand, the thought of making myself beautiful for an afternoon occasion in the middle of a sub-tropical summer is not all that welcome. Getting dressed-up is not on my list of favoured activities. I like to be comfortable and I hate the intense self-consciousness which often comes with special clothes. Here's my solution so far:We're in the middle of Spring Racing madness in Melbourne. The shops are full of finery. When I went to my local craft superstore yesterday afternoon I stopped off in the millinery department. They had just finished a 3-day sale, so the shelves had been well and truly picked over. A clever and considerate somebody had set up a mirror at just the right height. There I was in my jeans, sweatshirt, coloured socks and plastic garden shoes--it was a quick trip for supplies, not a shopping expedition and I hadn't bothered to get changed. I fluffed up my hair with my fingers and tried on various styles of hat. then I looked at the prices. This hat attracted me because of its shape, neutral colour and its sale sticker! $10 and a good bit of imagination later, I am the proud owner of a hat. I've never trimmed a hat before. Nor have I fully planned my outfit, though I do have the beginnings of some ideas. My secret strategy is to use the natural fibres and simple styles I love for every day and add colour, detail and a touch of luxury to bring them up to the occasion. So I now have a hat--starting my planning from the top! My next purchase will be the very best umbrella money can buy. I lived in Queensland for enough years to know that a January afternoon is as likely as not to involve a deluge. I'm toying with the idea of some very fancy gum-boots, but that might be pushing the friendship too far . . .


Dee said...

That hat looks fabo. It will be perfect.
If we do get the eXpected deluge, gumboots may be just the item. I am sure we could pretty up some wellies and all make a statement. Do you think the mother of the bride can pull it off? ;}

Textile Tragic said...

My dear D, I know this particular mother of the bride can pull off just about anything when she puts her mind to it;)