Thursday, October 7, 2010

Not Quite Right

I promised to post a picture of the green yarn I plied up yesterday. As it turns it, it's not quite right--or at least not the way I intended it to be. This is actually two skeins: a two ply and a navaho ply. Here's the story . . . On Sunday, when I'd finished plying, I went on to spin some merino. I wanted it to be very fine--suitable for lace--so I used the smallest whorl on my spinning wheel. That means that I get lots of twist for every time I pedal the wheel. I mustn't have been quite focussed when I got home, because I didn't change the setting and sat down to spin the rest of the green. It wasn't until I went to ply it last night that I noticed that it was too tightly spun. There are lots of creative ways I could have solved the problem, but I didn't feel like doing anything creative. I just plied it up to balance the yarn as it was. You can see in the centre of the pic that one of the strands is smaller and tighter than the other. I had a bit of that tightly spun single left, so I navaho plied it to use it up. Now I need to find a good use for some overspun navaho plied yarn--it's a bit like very pretty fancy string! Hmmm, maybe a bag strap or something would be good.

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