Sunday, October 31, 2010

Where's My Medal?

It's a cold, drizzly Sunday morning. I have the heater on, even though it's the end of October--really a perfect day for sitting in the armchair stitching. When I'd made myself a cup of coffee this morning, I looked around for a suitable work in progress to occupy a lazy morning . . . Nothing! All my recent knitting and crochet projects are done! Imagine how tempted I was to cast on something new. But glancing around the room, I did see the last of the finishing tasks. So instead of picking out a delightful skein of something irresistable, I reached for these: I've been weaving in loose ends again. I swear, these things breed while I'm not looking. I'd finished the striped project earlier in the week. All that was left was the matching plain section, but even that seems to have a dozen stray strands in it. Oh well, there's a certain rhythm to the task: thread the needle; slip it through the stitches so the yarn doesn't show on either side; turn; do it again, turn . . . then that final satisfying SNIP!

Despite the small intrinsic reward in this chore, I still feel as though I deserve a medal. Maybe I can conjure one up for myself using all the stray bits of wool when I'm done. Then again, maybe I'll just indulge myself in starting a new project.

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