Sunday, October 3, 2010

Detail Delight

I don't generally enjoy shopping for clothes. But recently I've found a factory outlet where I have a fighting chance of finding some styles that both fit me and make me smile. As a bonus, it's about five minutes drive from my house. Yesterday was the footy grand final replay--convincingly won by the black and white team. As far as I'm concerned, grand final afternoon is the perfect time to go shopping. Here's my take on black and white: This sweet little cuff detail is on a pair of three-quarter pants from TS. So many aspects come together to make it a happy buy for me. Cuff details are lots of fun and don't draw attention to any of my various figure issues. I'm not very tall, though, so usually I need to shorten any full-length pants I buy. Three-quarter length avoids this chore. So I can enjoy the clever style and not have to worry about spoiling it to make the length right. I did buy another pair of full-length black pants with buttons at the cuff. I'm going to have to shorten them a little, but I think I can do that by adding a tuck above the cuff. Now my challenge is to do those few alterations in the next few days, so my new clothes can go straight into my wardrobe and bypass the pile of things to do in my sewing room.

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Dee said...

ooow now that is a sweet detail. I could even get away with it for work.