Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I took this photo from the pier at Williamstown on Friday evening last week. As the evening light fell on the water, I was disappointed not to have my camera with me, but reassured myself that there would be other evenings and the water wasn't going anywhere in a hurry. There didn't seem to be much point taking the sort of shot I wanted with my phone camera. Despite my attempts at calm self-talk I found it hard to settle to the reality of no photos. I ended up taking out my phone and just having a go. This little red boat in particular caught my eye. I'd like to play with the colour gradations from the sky through to the shadowy water. That won't be today. My weekend chores are still undone and they're not going to go away until I put some energy into them. Perhaps I can hold this quiet scene in my mind as an anchor point through the day.

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Ang Pang said...

WOW- love that photo- never mind it wasn't with your preferred camera! Reminds me of "Be still & know...."