Friday, October 1, 2010

Lucky Find

I went down to Coburg a couple of days ago. The to do list was rather uninspiring: a script from the chemist and food for my dogs. I promised myself a coffee to brighten the prospect. Then on impulse I dropped in to a little Opp Shop around the corner. For the price of a chocolate muffin I picked up this beauty:

Before you start questioning my taste, be reassured, I'm not going to make the jumper that's on the cover. What caught my eye was the list of features:

  • techniques,
  • stitches,
  • fashion,
  • pattern design.

Inside there's lots of design hints including a detailed guide to adjusting patterns to fit your particular measurements. And a section on updating "outmoded garments". I think this is going to become a favourite reference for me.

I decided to have my cake and eat it too: I proceeded to the cafe as planned and enjoyed a coffee and chocolate muffin while beginning to explore my new book.

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