Sunday, October 10, 2010

Welcome Friends

Filous' Patisserie is back!I arrived at the Guild for the last Spinning Workshop of the year to be greeted by the familiar smells of the French Patisserie around the corner. It's almost a year since they were taken out by a stray driver. I've missed them! So much so that a couple of times I've slipped a "get well soon" note under the doorway of the building.

Yesterday I couldn't wait to welcome them back. I was barely in time for class, so I couldn't line up for my traditional coffee and chocolate muffin. I did just poke my head in the door and take a delicious sniff and call out a quick hello to the familiar staff. After the workshop they were packing up for the day and we had time for a quick chat. It's been a stressful and uncertain time for the owners. Some of the staff have had to find other work. They're an artisan business, so yes, it's personal. Most of the interior has been rebuilt--an out of control car in a room that size does a lot of damage. Happily, the atmosphere has been rebuilt too. I'm looking forward to re-establishing my Filous habits.

Meanwhile, the spinning workshop was really worthwhile, and worth a post of its own. But now the sun is shining and I have a list of chores to tackle.


Knitspingirl said...

Hurrah for the return of Filous!
I certainly used to enjoy their coffee cakes & pies made with love & shared with good friends. Have a mini lemon tart for me!

Textile Tragic said...