Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fashion Frustrations

Today is officially the first day of winter. For quite a while now I've been giving thought to what I'm going to wear for the next few months of cold weather. On the weekend I finally found some long sleeved t-shirts that are approximately the right size and shape for my body. Buy them in every colour! Hmmmm, one problem, there are hardly any colours that suit me. I bought black--several of those. I rejected white, cream, and bright red. That left purple. "Purple is one of this season's fashion colours", the shop assistant told me. Oh good! I bought purple--several of those, since I'll be completely depressed if I have to wear black all winter. The grey sky is dull enough.

What to do when you can't find what you want in the shops? Create:
The purple mohair on the circular needles is left over from an impulse buy at Bendigo a few years ago. It's about to become a cowl. Black t-shirt plus purple cowl should add up to a warm smile. The two bundles of yarn above are bits of hand-dyed alpaca left-overs. I think they'll become little wrist bands.

My next plan is to add some threads and beads to a couple of the plain t-shirts. That won't be today. Meanwhile if I see any colours in the shops I'll be rushing to have a look.


Knitspingirl said...

Hmmm ... I was thinking that you could maybe buy some white shirts & then dye them, but it is hard to get something to dye evenly (varigation is good for yarn, not necessarily for clothing - although I do live near Nimbin, I have yet to succum to their ways of dressing)

Textile Tragic said...

I thought the same and went as far as checking out the construction of the white t-shirts--of course the stitching is visible and polyester. And yeah, I'm not so keen on the Nimbin look:)