Friday, June 11, 2010

Packing It In

I'm enthusiastically preparing for tomorrow's Cellulose Dyeing workshop at the Guild. Let's admit it, I'm over-preparing and there will be too much material to pack into one day. I want to concentrate on colour and texure. All week I've been preparing samples and refining my ideas. I'd also like to let the students do a comparison of different cellulose fibres. We've spun with cotton, ramie and flax this year; bamboo, corn and soy silk last year. I've also collected some viscose rayon to have a go at. This morning I picked out the likely looking cones of yarn from around my workroom (aka lounge) and burn tested them to check the fibre content. I had more varieties of cellulose there than I expected: My main task for today is to slowly and carefully pack everything I'll need tomorrow. My back has chosen this week to play up on me--normally I have no trouble at all with it--so I will have to be particularly slow and careful. Then I'll tweak my notes and try to contain my enthusiasm until tomorrow morning.

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