Sunday, June 6, 2010

Funky Feet

Here's one of the pairs of socks I showed in yesterdays post--plus colour:The socks and singlets are all done: dyed, rinsed and ready to hang on the line. They were one of the bonuses of this batch of dyeing. The yarn colour samples, which were the main point of the exercise are all dyed, but I've only just started rinsing them. That will take a while and my pile of dirty dishes is growing, so I'll have to make an effort to get them through the sink fairly promptly.

Using dye thickener was my big experiment yesterday. I've had the manutex paste for ages, but never quite got around to trying it. Well, now I've tried it and I'm amazed. Manutex paste plus dye makes something with the consistency of poster paint. And it behaves just like paint as it comes off the brush. It just stays where it is put. That caused me some difficulty with the painted skeins because I had to work fairly hard to cover each strand. On the other hand I was able to make a much clearer distinction between areas of colour than I can with the straight dye. As for fabric, I found myself painting little lines, dots and a heart--just like a kinder kid! The fabric needs to air cure for a couple of days before rinsing, so stay tuned. Meanwhile I'd better get back to the rinsing: three skeins clear and fifteen to go. I'm afraid I'm going to be tired of my sink quite soon.


Vireya said...

They look very cute!

Knitspingirl said...

Don't get me wrong, those socks are very cute, but when I made the Nimbin reference the other day, did I plant a seed? (giggle)

Textile Tragic said...

well, I did think of you and your Nimbin neighbours, but I've done this sort of thing before, just for fun--it's kinda cute in the under-five age range:)

Dee said...

oh those socks are SOOOO cool! .
that dye thickener sounds like fun.
Oh and those who are over five like the socks too. E outgrew hers - no surprise she has now got the biggest feet in the family. J and A still wear theirs although J only wears socks in winter. A loves hers and wants more and she lives in socks and shoes year around - the joy of life in orthotics. it also helps that she doesn't ahve to wear a uniform to school.