Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Shades of Grey

I picked up this silky wool at the Handknitters' Guild Expo on the weekend--it was one of those weekends with an overwhelming number of craft events to visit. Silky wool is one of the few fibres that didn't make it into our Spinning Certificate requirements. It's a modified wool--sort of stretched--which behaves more like silk because the microspcopic scales that characterise the wool fibre in its natural state are pretty much inactivated by the process. I bought some tops, hand-dyed in grey. You can see the tops in the background of the pic above and the yarn I've spun in the foreground. Despite being grey, it was interesting spinning because of the lustre of the fibre and the constant variation in shades. Now I've allowed myself a bit of lee-way in the past few days, but I really must get back to knitting up some swatches so I can get that folio in--medium mohair today.

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