Thursday, June 3, 2010


I'm branching out a bit with my craft teaching lately. To add to the quilting classes at the local Neighbourhood House, I've been planning some basic jewellery-making classes there and at another nearby Community Centre. So far it's been rather a tentative start. What to do? Try more publicity.

I made these chokers a few weeks ago and photographed them individually. Yesterday I was looking for a more promotional shot: I'm pretty pleased with how they look laid out on my timber table. This is my second attempt at this particular view. The first was in crisp focus--complete with a large dog hair highlighted just at the front of the pic. I gave the table a wipe down and tried again. It's amazing how starkly obvious just one little hair can be when it's been picked up by a macro lens! Oh well, I did consider registering the name "Hair of the Dog" for my textile art, but I decided it would be open to too much interpretation.

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