Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dip, Dip, Drip

I spent most of yesterday pottering around with my leftover dyes. Since I was mainly dyeing t-shirts there were buckets all over the floor. Not so good for my back, but I don't have the bench space to do it any differently.

Here are two buckets which I'd already used for a couple of t-shirts. Scarlet on the right, fuscia on the left. I draped a skein of cotton between the two to see how it would dye.
I rinsed this skein out this morning and it's very pale, in a pretty delicate way. It's currently in the sink, as are various t-shirts in various stages of rinsing. Sometime soon I'll have to reclaim a bit more of my house and do some cleaning, but there's still plenty of colour in jars to keep me going for a while.

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Dee said...

It looks like some happy, colourful, productivity has been happening in the dye buckets.