Friday, June 4, 2010

Yummy Yarn

I dropped in to the Yarn Barn a couple of days ago. I wanted to see what cellulose fibres they might have. I'm teaching a Procion Dyeing workshop at the Guild next weekend. We'll do most of our samples with cotton, but a bit of variety is always fun. Here's what I came home with: The two balls of yarn at the front of the pic are cellulose--natural coloured cotton on the left and viscose-rayon on the right. As for the rest, well . . .
  • 200g of undyed wool tops, because I didn't have any left, which is pretty much as bad as not having any chocolate in the house!
  • a cone of wool-acrylic blend, because it was on the clearance shelf and its warm glow was irresistable. I can tell you many ways that I might use it--and probably will--but the truth is that it talked to me and I had to bring it home.

My plan is to dye some cotton samples today. I managed to clear at least half of my big table yesterday. A bit more effort this morning should see it usable. Today and tomorrow my calendar is quite open. Sunday's a busy day, but then there's a bit of space early next week. That should give me enough time to do the tedious rinsing that goes with procion dyeing and still have time to enjoy my colours and put things in order ready for next weekend. As I say, that's the plan. Now to execute it I need to start by sorting out the kitchen.


Knitspingirl said...

No undyed wool tops in the house?! I must have about 3 kilos (It must be the wool fumes - I don't think I can help myself)(I think I have about the same weight in chocolate too come to think of it) At least you've remedied that situation!!

Textile Tragic said...

And Tim Tams were on special at Coles this afternoon, so I've remedied the chocolate situation too:)