Sunday, June 13, 2010

Night Scene

It was a long and satisfying day at the Guild yesterday. A couple of the students weren't able to make it, so it was a small group: three students, an assistant (known at the Guild as the "gofer") and me. We got lots of dyeing done and even managed to rinse out the colour wheel samples before it was time to go home. It was great to have an experienced, motivated group of students and the "gofer" just kept going! By the time I'd packed the car and headed over to Rathdowne St for my post-workshop coffee it was getting late. My friend M pointed out the colour contrast between the evening sky and the autumn leaves on the trees. I was keen enough to walk out into the cold to try to catch it. This isn't quite what I saw, but maybe enough to give you the idea: A slow cuppa and a chat, then it was time to make for home. I didn't have the energy to unpack the car. I have that to look forward to this morning. And I was in bed within an hour of walking in the front door. But this morning I'm feeling good: tired, but good. Today is mostly devoted to catching up with friends. I will try to clear up a bit so that things aren't too chaotic when all my equipment walks back in the front door. Then, as predicted, I'll have all the leftover dyes to deal with. Heaven forbid that they should be washed down the sink! I just need to find enough fibre to make use of all that colour before it reaches its use-by date--and before I reach mine.

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