Monday, June 7, 2010

Ready to Wear

I started knitting this cowl last week and now it's ready to wear:
Very simple--stocking stitch all the way, which when I'm knitting in the round means just a plain knit stitch over and over and over. The way it drapes around the neck means that you can see a great deal of the reverse as well. It's soft and warm. I'm looking forward to wearing it.

Apologies for the pic being on my delapidated manequin. I did try taking it on my --delapidated:)--self, but I had to use the flash which on my not-so clean mirrors resulted in all sorts of smoky, blurred effects, but no decent view of the actual cowl.

Now today I have more rinsing to do; dyes to use up and a great need of a general tidy up. I'm tempted to cast on something else to take the place of the purple cowl in its simplicity and warm fuzziness, but I really should do some more swatches for my folio first. Hmmm, I think I'll make a coffee while I wrestle with my conscience on that point.


Dee said...

how did the battle with your conscience go? :)
the cowl looks so lovely and soft and lovely drape. they started out goood and seem to just get better and better, it must be your best one yet. oh and i would love to see it on the nt so delipated you (smile).

Textile Tragic said...

The battle was diverted by a call from a friend, who I invited over for coffee, so I sat and finished some spinning while she got a quilt basted on my wall--pics tomorrow.