Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cotton Colours

I started to reclaim my kitchen space yesterday morning. I got as far as clearing the backlog of washing up so I could rinse out another batch of dyeing. Like a true addict, I then had to do another batch. I just can't let colour go to waste!

Meanwhile the colour wheel samples I'd done last weekend were dry and ready to put away. Here they are:
You can see that there's a bit of a bias toward the orange colours--that's partly the light conditions in which I took the photo and partly the realities of the dyes available. The choices of yellow go straight from the citrus yellow on the far left of the pic to a marigold-like colour on the far right. Somewhere in between--in my imagination--is the classic "primary" yellow that I would expect to find.

Today I'm using up the last of the dyes I mixed up on the weekend and putting everything away. At least that's the plan. I'm also knitting up one of the skeins I dip-dyed on the weekend. It's interesting to see how the colours distribute across the knitting. I'm finding myself watching every row, waiting to see how the colours will come out. I'll see how far I get with that knitting project before the weekend. It doesn't have to be finished to be a good demonstration for my workshop. In fact, being able to compare the yarn in the ball with the knitted fabric could be quite interesting.


SewSofie said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful colours. Your work is just lovely. The sense of accomplishment must be amazing. To take a fiber, spin it, dye it and then make a useable item must feel fantastic.

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks:) for the record, I didn't spin this particular yarn. Oh and there's a cotton dyeing workshop--great for quilters--coming up at the Neighbourhood House. Let me know if you want info!

Dee said...

oh,WOW! that is AMAZING! is this where I confess that I am actually salivating at those theads. the colour are incredible. I love your colour wheels,butt this one is just soooooo incredible.