Thursday, June 10, 2010

Glamour Shot

You know those rare occasions when someone takes a particularly flattering photo of you, so you respond with a "Wow, how good does that look!" rather than the usual cringe? Maybe I'm saying too much about my self image here, but it does turn into a happy story . . .

Yesterday I finally got around to photographing the jewellery pieces I'd collected as a quick folio for the local neighbourhood houses to consider. I'd borrowed several pieces I'd made for friends, since I didn't want to be restricted to my personal colour choices. I decided to get at least two shots of each piece before dismantling the folder and returning the pieces to their homes. This one is in my own collection. It's a large pendant I made to explore the possibilities of free-form work with wire and beads. the wire is copper from the hardware shop and the beads are just glass. But I was thrilled with this macro shot: "Wow, how good does that look!" is what I said to myself. And of course that was followed by, "I must make more exciting pieces like that . . ." But first I'd better finalise the cellulose dyeing I'm preparing for my workshop on Saturday. There are several metres of fabric in the washing machine and a rainbow skein in the sink right now. There are still some touches of colour left in half a dozen pots, but the end is in sight. Today I think I'll concentrate on rinsing everything I've done so far. I'm tired after teaching last night and I have an appointment this afternoon. Tomorrow I'll use up any left over colours, clean up and pack ready for Saturday's workshop. I'm guessing that there will be irresistable bits of leftover dyes and a lot of cleaning up to do after the workshop. Then I'll have room to pull out a new set of tools and beads. And no, I haven't forgotten the swatches I need to do for my Spinning Folio, but they are rather plain and routine, so I'm offereing myself some bright little inducements along the way.

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