Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Guest Appearance

My friend V saved me from the tussle with my conscience yesterday. Instead of arguing the pro's and con's of casting on another cowl, I invited her over for a coffee. I took the opportunity to finish up some spinning: a wool silk blend which we decided to call "fruit of the forest"--more of that later.

V had a small quilt top ready to baste. She's the one who originally sent me the basting wall idea. Now it was her turn to try it out.
It worked! In less than five minutes she had a quilt ready to go. Now V will have a chance to try out her new free-motion quilting set up without the hassle of having pins in the way. And I had the prompt I needed to take down the quilt which has been hanging on that wall for months now and has made no progress in that time. I don't know if having it draped over a chair will make it any more likely that I work on it, but we'll see.

As for my conscience: I cast on a new cowl in the evening. By then it was really time to sit in the armchair and try to wind down before bed. I had no trouble at all justifying a simple project.

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