Saturday, June 5, 2010

Little Socks

My kitchen is full of colour--not to speak of the small pile of dirty dishes on the far corner of the stove. Yesterday morning I cleared the sink and a good portion of my big table ready for a batch of dyeing. I'm mostly focusing on yarns this time, but I had a few little extras squirrelled away waiting for the next colour opportunity. These socks for instance:And a few baby singlets. I'm planning to make a banner out of them to advertise the next "Any Colour You Like" day at the Neighbourhood House.

Meanwhile, I had to work out the proportions of dye solution to use for the tiny 5g samples I had planned. Usually I dye 50g hanks or at least a fat quarter of fabric. I'm still figuring out the best way to handle the small quantities. I'm also planning to have a play with a dye thickener. My brain wasn't working very effectively yesterday, so all my calculations were slow and had to be checked and double checked. I'm hoping I'll be a bit brighter today. Maybe I needed to get some colour in the room to get my neurones firing along the right paths.


SewSofie said...

Is that tie dying?

Textile Tragic said...

The socks are tie dyed. I'm also doing dip dyeing and all sorts of colour mixing.

Dee said...

do we get to see the 'after'?