Thursday, September 30, 2010

Colour Capture

I've just spent a frustrating five minutes trying to capture the colour of these wool tops with my camera. I picked them up at the Guild last weekend. Well, actually my friend M picked them up and paid for them and I offered to spin them up for her. I'm trying to keep them out of the general stash, so there's a better chance of my getting to the spinning sooner rather than later. There's a dark purple to go with the sea-greens, but I'm not quite sure how to make the most of the combination. I started pulling colours out of my collection, which has its own excitement, but may not result in any spinning happening anytime soon.

This coming Sunday is the first in the month--October already!--and I'll be at the Guild for a few hours of easy spinning and conversation. That seems an ideal opportunity to get on with this project. Maybe I can complete it before it officially gets on to the to do list. It's fun to trick myself that way occasionally.

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Anonymous said...

The colours are so beautiful - I will enjoy the photo :)