Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rainbow Hood

I've been knitting up this hood since the weekend--making it up as I go along and seeing how far the yarn will go. It's the Rainbow dyed skein from our dyeing day in the Spinning Certificate. It's always fun with these random dyed yarns to see how the colours will knit up. In this case the lengths of each colour are relatively short. I love watching the colours appear on my needles stitch by stitch. These colours remind me of finger painting: simple primaries with just a bit of mixing. Actually I'm happy with how much of the blue, red and yellow are coming through compared to the more muddy colours.


Dee said...

looks good. the blue appears to be coming through strongest.
whatcha gonna do with the hood? idea: attach to a boring black hoodie for an unusual burst of colour. i look forwards to seeing it develop.

Textile Tragic said...

It'll be a stand alone accessory. I'm increasing around the bottom so it will flare around at the shoulder. I'll add a little tie at the front. That way it can go over anything.