Monday, January 11, 2010

Mobius with a Twist

I didn't get to the library yesterday. I was so engrossed in my knitting that I sat in front of my evaporative cooler throughout the afternoon until I had it finished. Here's what I made: It's a little neck warmer. It's hard to believe I'd ever want one of those with the temperature forecast to go up to at least 43 this afternoon. The basic design is a mobius--that's a cylinder twisted on itself. I used the samples from my dyeing, so the colours change from blue through to magenta The added twist is the turquoise coloured flap at the front. That wraps around the front of the little neck roll adding a splash of contrasting colour and texture. I'm playing with the idea of adding beads.

I was pleased with my progress yesterday. As well as knitting up the neck warmer, I sorted my notes for the wool classing session of the course. They're all nicely displayed now, along with the fibre samples. I just need to buy a binder today and then I can tick that off my list. My big table still looks like a disaster area, but it's organised chaos as far as I'm concerned. Now today, I am definitely going to seek out somewhere cooler than my house. 43 is too hot to be knitting.


Dee said...

i am wondering if the heat has melted your senses my dear friend!!! knitting in 43 degree heat! now that is dedication i must say! yes i am shaking my head and laughing. at least it was right in front of the fan aaaand it wasn't a big rug on your lap... LOL.
want another giggle? my word verification for this post is "schbrr". i guess you aren't going brr or sch at the moment.

Textile Tragic said...

"Sch" could be a polite beginning of an expression of disgust! I've now done my homework on the mobius--after knitting it, of course--and it should have had only a half twist, not a full twist. That means the geometry is wrong, but I guess it's still a cute little neck roll. Now, am I determined enough to dye up the yarn and knit another one?