Sunday, January 24, 2010

Next Morning

Well the shelving project didn't quite get finished yesterday, and my visitor was so worn out this morning that doing any more work on it today was out of the question. Instead we took a slow start to the day. While we were in the sewing room using the computer, my friend noticed a box labelled, "Jeans, Small sizes for Bags". She was interested, so within an hour or so she had this to take with her:The coke bottle should explain how she got through the morning, as well as giving a size perspective on the bag. In fact, the bottle fitted easily into the bottom of the bag with room to spare--and then there are all those handy pockets. It was a fun and quick project to do together, a nice balance to yesterday . . . and one less thing in a box at my house waiting to become what it's intended to be.

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Dee said...

woohoo. sounds like a win-win to me.