Sunday, January 3, 2010

Now What?

I'm still slowly sorting my way through years of accumulated stuff in my sewing room. Every now and again I come across something like this:
Hand-stitched heart blocks, left over from a long-ago quilting project--lovingly designed and prepared at the time, but now what?
  • I could just chuck them--seems a pity, though;
  • I could keep them in my teaching stash just as they are--they demonstrate several useful points;
  • I could find some coordinating fabric and finish them off--I just happen to know I have some; and I might even know where it is;
  • I could pack them away with various other strays that seem too good to get rid of and hope to do something with them sometime . . . ummm, that's how I got where I am in the first place!

So, I smiled at myself, took a photo and blogged about them. Now at least I can tick "blogging" off my to do list for this morning.

Now what? How about making myself another cup of coffee and hoping to find something easier to dispose of?


Ang Pang said...

They look familiar :)
(on our wedding gift quilted wall hanging you made)Maybe give them to a fellow quilter to inspire someone's next project?

Textile Tragic said...

What I can't remember is how I ended up with eight extra hearts . . . there are two more to the left of the pic. I know that quilt was designed as I made it, which is always fun:)

Dee said...

and here we have the tricky part... what to do with something we no longer need but put in many hours of time and effort not to mention $ to produce. let me know if you find a good solution to this dilema as i have a few of these myself which i am yet to tackle.