Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tidying Up

The year is already more than a week old and the festivities are well and truly over. Now I need to get into some sort of rhythm to achieve the things that are important to me in the next couple of months. One major task is my Spinning Certificate Folio. I did lots of work for that as the classes and workshops happened last year, but there's also a fair bit that needs to be completed and tidied up.

Yesterday was a hot day--the first of several forecast to culminate in the low forties early next week. That's Centigrade, by the way. My personal take on hot days is that if the outside temperature is below body temperature I cope OK. So anything under, say 36 I won't really complain about--well not much! But if I'm spinning or knitting, it's a different story. The rate limiting step there is sweaty hands. I can't spin effectively if my hands are sweating. Anyway, yesterday was too hot to spin, but I really wanted to do something constructive for my folio. So I tidied up my dyeing samples. Here they are all nicely arranged and labelled:I also put together a few pages of notes on colour theory and colour mixing. That's one unit I can tick off the list. I've done all that's required. Of course, looking at the material makes me want to research and experiment a whole lot more, but that wouldn't count as tidying up. So I'm not going to go there. My plan is to complete each unit--there are 11--to the required standard. Then I can play around with extras. I also need to plan and complete a "major project". At the moment my main trouble there is too many ideas. I might solve that by doing a collection of smaller pieces. That way I can just keep adding to it, or stop when I have to.

OK, next lot of tidying up: there's a box full of fleece samples and partially labelled skeins stashed under my weaving bench. I really need to start to sort that out.

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