Sunday, January 10, 2010

Uh Oh!

I declared in yesterday's post that my next task was to sort the Spinning Certificate box. This big box of spinning stuff had been lurking under my weaving bench. In it were a variety of fleece samples, skeins and swatches from the early months of the Spinning Certificate course. Problem: like most neglected piles of stuff it had become a bit of a monster in my mind.

Well, I tackled the box. Here's some of what I found: The good news: a lot of the bags and skeins were nicely labelled. I can tick those straight off my list of requirements.

The bad news: there are a couple of skeins there of lovely spinning that I didn't label at the time. I can just imagine that after working on them for hours I would have been so familiar with the work, that the thought of ever confusing it with anything else was incredible. Incredible, but true! I had no idea at the time how the skeins would multiply over the months until one day's work is hard to recall amongst the many days of concentrated spinning I've done over the year. After doing a bit of detective work: matching fleece samples and skeins; I think I've come pretty close to identifying most of what's there. Some of it I'll have to just write off or use for sampling. Uh Oh!

Today's going to be another scorcher. Thankfully it cooled down enough overnight that I've been able to enjoy a couple of hours of knitting this morning. This afternoon I'm planning to retreat to the Brunswick Library. It's in the old Town Hall building, with great thick stone walls. I'm hoping they do a good job of keeping out the heat. The library doesn't open until 1.00 pm. Between now and then, I'm going to tackle the pile of stuff that came out of the box. I'd like to get as much of it as I can into it's final state for presentation. Then I can tuck it away safely and reclaim my big table.

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Dee said...

as monsters go that one seems reasonably tame. :) still it sounds like it had a few fangs.
"dersappo" - where do they come up with these word recognintion things?