Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another Craft

As if I need another craft!
I spent a day last week at the Handweavers and Spinners' Guild Summer School learning some basic Kumihimo. It's a Japanese braiding technique, and like most of these traditional crafts, has infinite possibilities. When my friend A heard I'd signed up for this class, she bought me this wonderful book for Christmas:So I have plenty of scope to explore and learn. The day workshop gave me a feel for the basic equipment, as well as a bit of practical experience and inspiration. One of the other women from my Weaving Certificate class was in the workshop too. Since the tutor kept referring to the thread as "warps" and the braiding stool as a "loom", we decided to subsume this craft into our weaving--neither of us felt as though we had room for another craft, but the fascination was there.

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Dee said...

it's not really another craft if you use the same materials as for your other crafts... it's just a different appliation of the skills you have and adds to your versatility. how's that? it works for me. ;)