Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Last night was Melbourne's hottest night on record--equal with a night in 1902!--with the temperature staying above 30.something degrees all night. It was already up to 34 by the time I got out of bed at about 8.00 am after a hot and not very restful night. When I went shopping on the way home yesterday all I could think of was icecream! I compromised and bought a box of these fruit-frozen yoghurts. I made a meal last night out of a couple of them, plus a big bowl of pitted cherries. This morning I ate a few more. Here's my breakfast plate: The forecast maximum for today is 40. Hopefully we won't get there. There's a cool change on the way, but it probably won't reach us until this afternoon.

I still have a table covered with spinning stuff and I have a friend coming to stay in a couple of days time. I'd like to have things a bit more ordered to welcome her. So, some more tidying up is on the agenda for today. When the cool change comes, I'll be able to do some spinning. I am sooo looking forward to that cool change coming!


Peace said...

Horrible horrible heat. I hope it is fairly dry heat though. My comments are working again too.

Textile Tragic said...

Dry, but like an oven! We now have some relief, though it will take a while for the house to cool down. Glad your comments are fixed. I tried to respond on the entrelac story, but couldn't get through.