Monday, January 4, 2010

Double Dip

I'm quite enjoying the dip dye technique. it seems to be an easy way of getting a reliable variation in colour across the skein. And I don't have to worry too much about when rinsing happens even if the dye pot isn't exhausted, since there's always a nice section of yarn kept out of the colour.

This skein was left hanging in the dye pot while I went away over Christmas. I'd dyed the teal colour you can see in the top left section. I know the dye was still active because when I went to rinse it out yesterday, the remainder of the skein picked up a pale version of the same colour. That's the colour you can see in the centre of the skeinBut I wanted more! So when I'd done rinsing, I mixed up a small amount of another blue colour, "sky", and dipped the other end of the skein in that for a good half hour before heating up the dye pot again. I left it overnight, just because I couldn't be bothered finishing it off. So now I have the intense blue that you can see at the lower right of the pic. I think that's enough.

Sorry, I didn't iron the white cloth before taking the pic, but the colours show up better on a white background, whether it's ironed or not.

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