Friday, January 22, 2010

Drying Rack

Here's a worm's eye view of my shower recess:. . . maybe that should be a daddy-long-legs' view. I don't have worms in my bathroom, but I do get the occasional spider.

I built a drying rack over the top of the bath and shower some years ago--part of my getting used to a climate in which clothes don't just dry on the line outside in a few hours! Now there's usually a skein or two or three of fibre hanging there. My friends are often amused when they go to use the bathroom, it's often messy, but never boring.
Today it's a batch of merino wool which I washed yesterday. The fleece is sandwiched between layers of gutter guard--a fine plastic mesh. The edges are tied down, so the fleece won't move while I wash and rinse it. I left it in the laundry tub to drain overnight. The forecast for today is 36, so I'm expecting it will be dry by tomorrow. I'm hoping for a cooler day tomorrow, so I'll have lovely clean dry fleece ready to spin.

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Knitspingirl said...

I for one love visiting your bathroom - there's always something to admire. Much better than just another boring bath!