Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year, New Knitting

What better way to celebrate the beginning of a new year than with a new style of knitting. My knitting adventure for New Year's Day was to start to explore entrelac. Here's where I'm up to:I found entrelac in the last chapter of my knitting encyclopedia. I've looked at it before and been put off by the apparent complexity. But yesterday I had time to attempt it with no demands and no looming deadlines.

I've been knitting face washers as Christmas gifts--I'm working on the 12 days of Christmas principle, which means I have until January 6 to complete my gift-making. At first I appreciated the simplicity of the garter stitch squares, but after making several I was well and truly over it. So it was time to try something new. I'm still using the bamboo-soy yarn and aiming at a small square, so the adventure is nicely contained. If it works out, there'll be a maverick face washer amongst the group.


Peace said...

Darn... this got me googling... then I found entrelac crochet and tunisian I'm going to have to explore this. But I do papercraft and cross stitch.

Textile Tragic said...

Now you've got me! I don't know entrelac crochet:)

Peace said...

After finding this link with some instructions I had to give the entrelac crochet a go.

The results can be seen at

It's quite lovely although my eyes can't see the dark pattern too well so I'll be doing this in future with lighter colours.