Friday, January 1, 2010

A Space Odyssey

Odyssey (n): any long series of wanderings (Macquarie Dictionary)
In the spirit of renewal, I prepared for 2010 by clearing a small area of floor in my sewing room:
I hadn't seen these floorboards since just after they were laid down as part of 2009's great flooring project. The sewing room has been the most difficult room to recliam, partly because of the sheer volume of stuff, and partly because I have yet to replace some of the furniture I got rid of before having the new floors installed. Those two factors combined have made it hard to move in here.

Yesterday I dealt with one box and one bag full of stuff. The result is the area of floor you can see in the pic. You can also see that there still a way to go before this room is fully sorted, but it's that much easier to get to my shelves and cupboard. And the room feels that much lighter when I walk in. So, my aim for 2010 is to continue to wander along the path of getting things sorted. I don't expect it to be a quick journey, but I do expect to make some interesting discoveries along the way.

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