Friday, January 15, 2010

Guest Appearance

My friend D is visiting for the weekend. The plan is to enjoy a quiet crafty weekend together.
D's main craft is embroidery, particularly silk ribbon embroidery. Just now she's exploring stumpwork. This 3-D embroidery uses incredibly fine thread. Here's one panel of her sampler: That's a single strand of embroidery thread you can see draped across her fingernail. Here's the sort of thing she does with it:
The petal is "painted" in on fine fabric with a single strand of thread. It's then cut out and applied to the main piece--Wow!


Knitspingirl said...

Wow indeed!
Friend D your skill amazes me!

Dee said...

I know it seems crazy, but i really do love dong this. It is my firm intention to spend regular time embroidering this year.
BTW the orange petal in the second pic will go right where my finger is pointing in the top pic, so it gives some idea of size and perspective.