Tuesday, January 26, 2010


A dye pot is said to be "exhausted", when all the colour has been taken up by the fibre and virtually none remains in the water . . . A textile artist, on the other hand, is said to be exhausted when surrounded by colour and texture, but unable to take up anything at all.

I dropped this skein in the dye pot several days ago. I'd already dyed a few other skeins in a previous batch and this one finished it off. The dye pot is exhausted: And I couldn't be bothered rinsing it out, or retaking the picture to get the yarn in focus, or combing out the merino I have washed, or even knitting a few rows. I think I'll put on a DVD: I borrowed the Buena Vista Social Club from the local library. That sounds like a happy way to spend a slow Australia Day afternoon.

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Dee said...

yep that communicates.
have a good rest and hopefully come back to it all feeling fresh and ready to take up some of that lovely colour and texture that surrounds you. :)