Sunday, August 30, 2009

Macro Challenge

I haven't had my SLR camera out much this year. There's a glitch between the software that came with my compact camera and what's needed for the SLR and somehow that issue found itself in the "too hard" basket. But the other day a friend made a fairly casual comment about the flowering street trees and my macro lens. When I went to have a good look at the tree across the road from my house yesterday afternoon, I found that it had nearly finished flowering. So I took up the challenge and spent a happy ten minutes with my macro lens. Here's one of the shots: I found a cumbersome, but effective way around the software issue, so I was able to upload the images. Now I've had a reminder of the pleasure of focussing in on such little details. I'm going to leave the SLR out on my desk to help my motivation to tackle the software problem.

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